Wilkerson Row Handcrafted Furniture by Shaun Wilkerson

Q. What woods do you use? Where do you get your wood?

A. I use cypress & pine. A great deal of the material I use is reclaimed wood which is purchased from local demolition contractors. The wood is salvaged mostly from renovations and condemned houses.


Q. Where does cypress come from?

A. Cypress is a soft wood similar to white pine and grows throughout the southern United States, especially in damp, warm climates. It is indigenous to the state of Louisiana and was used to construct many of the 18th and 19th century homes here in New Orleans.


Q. Where is your furniture made?

A. Right here in New Orleans. All labor used to construct my furniture is local.


Q. Do you deliver? Do you ship?

A. Local delivery in the New Orleans area is available for a $75.00 fee. Delivery up to 90 miles is available for $125.00 to $175.00. We ship all around the country and, thanks to the internet, shipping costs have become very reasonable. A king size bed shipped to California is approximately $220.00 but each order is individual.


Q. Do you make custom pieces?

A. I make custom pieces on an individual basis. After an initial consult I determine if it's something I'm capable of doing for a reasonable price.


Q. How long have you been in business?

A. Since 1988.


Q. Do you like what you do?

A. No, I love it. Making a living in a creative field is very difficult, but the daily challenges of being creative, being productive, and being business oriented make for an extraordinary life.